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In our collection we have a fantastic range of unique embellished art to accent the colour palettes for 2021. Hand painted pictures on canvas have become bestsellers due to their high quality. Fresh looks and our trend awareness are highly appreciated by our customers.
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Our exciting family of clocks ,where each fabulous design is now available in a variety of sizes and colours. Fashionable and Glamorous, each clock making a fantastic statement piece for accessorising any room..
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From traditional swept frames to modern Venetian mirrors, we have a large selection in size and style to add sophistication to any room.
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Flameless LED candles are made from wax and look and feel real. The gently flickering candlelight illuminates any dark space to create a restful and inviting ambience without any harmful chemicals that are released by regular candles. With the added bonus they are safe to carry, aren’t hot to the touch and the flame can’t burn you, they do not present a fire hazard and are safe around children.
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Uyuni lighting style video and brochure

Village Candles

Village candle is the best American branded candle on the market. Their passion for creating fragranced wax products is unrivalled, which is why they are recognised globally for their excellence and quality.
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An inspiring collection of decorative and atmospheric lighting for all interiors. We offer lamps in a variety of styles; from bold metal to romantic wooden bases; from pendant ceiling lights to ornate chandeliers. Check out our in-store collection here.
Also, check out our partners at Light and Living. They have truly amazing ideas. Just call us when you’re inspired !

Decorative Gifts

Add some cosiness and style to your interior with our extensive collection of decorative items. Smaller items such as tea light holders and ornamental vases can make an ideal last minute gift.

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We always stay one step ahead in interior design and offer a comprehensive up to date collection.

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